The Forum brings senior executive leaders and decision-makers together in an intimate and confidential setting to consider new & constructive approaches to today’s problems.

Through the Forum Principal to Principal creates –

  • An opportunity for important and timely conversation

  • The strengthening of relationships and,
  • The discovery of common ground.

The CEO Forum membership is open to CEOs and C-Suite level executives and is capped at forty. It meets, at a minimum, six times annually in Washington, DC.

Luncheon or dinner gatherings are bi-partisan and when possible, bi-cameral (including a senior Member from the US House of Representatives and the US Senate), often also including a key member of the Executive branch. Members and special guests are seated around one table. Events are not open to the media or staff.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. The P2P CEO Forum provides the venue and access to make it happen.

Principal to Principal focuses on the most pressing issues to our nation’s economy and security.


  • Cyber Security

  • Tax Reform
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Global Trade
  • Energy
  • Commerce/Technology
  • Congressional Leadership